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Michel LeBlanc, RDH - Hygienist


After spending 25 in the dental field as both an assistant, and hygienist; I am still passionate about my job! Often, people ask the reasoning behind my career choice and it is truly the marriage of two passions; I developed an interest for medicine and people at an early age and dentistry offered a balance of both.

Hygiene offers a way to build long term relationships with patients, which I love. It gives me the opportunity to ameliorate the health of my patients by sharing my knowledge of the correlations between their dental and overall health. I strive to always provide the best experience and pride myself in going the extra mile. Thus, working with the team of Beacon Hill Dental reinforces my values when I am able to watch everyone aim to surpass the bar of patient care and hold themselves every day to the highest standard.

Katlyn Bruno - Hygienist


Katlyn was born in Massachusetts and was introduced to the field of dentistry at a young age. Katlyn was raised in Haverhill, MA, where her mother has been working as a dental assistant since 1985.

Katlyn moved to Boston in 2004 to study dental hygiene at the Forsyth Dental Hygiene Program at Mass. College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree along with a certification in dental hygiene. Since graduating, Katlyn has continued to refine her skills, obtaining a local anesthesia certification, and gaining valuable experience working in the specialized field of periodontics.

Katlyn joined the Beacon Hill Dental Associates team in 2013 and has been working as a dental hygienist in and around Boston since 2008.

Katlyn currently lives in Dorchester, MA with her husband. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time exploring Boston and getting together with friends, neighbors, and family. Katlyn has also established a passion for traveling the world. Her travels have taken her across the United States, as well as internationally to Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic and the Caribbean Islands.

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